Baseball Anthology

We’re deep into the Major League Baseball playoffs, my local team is struggling for their lives, and, sadly, I’m not that interested.  I was a huge baseball fan when I was a kid.  With every year, my interest seems to wane a little more.  The one publication that has retained my interest in the sport is ZiskZisk bills itself as the “baseball magazine for people who hate baseball magazines.”  You could end that sentence one word early and it would come closer to how I feel about the magazine.

Still, I read Zisk faithfully.  I always enjoy it.  Perhaps the most exciting news out of the Zisk world is the publication of Fan Interference, an anthology of writing from Zisk.  The anthology features some of my favorite pieces from Zisk over the years.  It also includes a story I wrote about my love/hate relationship with baseball called “The Last Days at Fulton County Stadium.”

If you’re interested in ordering the book, you can get it directly from the publisher or from Atomic Books in Baltimore.  It’s also available on Amazon.


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