I went to the UK a couple of months ago, but I didn’t get around to uploading any pictures to my computer until today.  Of all the things I saw over there, this guy in an Edinburgh park was the most curious.

Man in Edinburgh Park

I walked for another fifty yards or so, then saw this juggler.  I wonder if the two are connected.

Edinburgh Juggler

One thought on “Edinburgh

  1. Connected? Of course, Sean, everything in Edinburgh is connected. The man with the erect blue balloon is trying to phone the juggler to tell him he will be late. The juggler’s act usually showcases him juggling three objects: the two knives he is juggling in the second photo and the blue balloon. Without the balloon, the juggler’s act has no edge to it. It just won’t cut it. The crowds in the park below Edinburgh Castle are turning away from the juggler. Desperate to hold his audience, he adds a pink tutu and a balancing board to his act. But without the blue balloon, the act is destined to fail.

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