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Short Stories MP3s, Read by the Author

A few recordings of me reading my stories are floating around the web.

Chapter 1 of Train Wreck Girl: In which protagonist Danny McGregor busts out some classic dance moves, tries to kiss the wrong girl, gets in a bar fight, and drags the reader into the novel.
The title story from Barney’s Crew : In which three drunken carpenters descend on a car dealership and exact revenge for annoying radio commercials.
“Big Books and Little Guitars”: In which the author gives Herman Melville a metaphysical ukulele, then narrates the story of Melville’s life.
“Last Days at Fulton County Stadium”: In which two servers from a downtown Atlanta restaurant attend one of the final Atlanta Braves games at Fulton County Stadium.  They make some friends, start some trouble, and engage in recreational drug use.

Razorcake Radio

Occasionally, I’ll put together a music podcast for Razorcake.  It’s more or less punk rock music.  Here are links to the podcasts I recorded.  If you’re into it, click on the date and it’ll take you to the right page on

April 19, 2013: I read my column for Razorcake #74. It’s all about the Japanese punk band The Blue Hearts. Blue Hearts songs are interspersed throughout the reading.
December 7, 2012
: No theme. It’s just me and Todd Taylor hanging out and playing records.
July 10, 2010: Punk rock songs for the ukulele, complete with a PDF songbook.
April 24, 2009: My favorite Japanese punk music.
July 4, 2008: The music I listened to while writing Train Wreck Girl.
April 25, 2007: Records I reviewed for Flipside.

Other Stuff

Intentionally Bad Capitalists: A podcast with no music in which Todd Taylor and I discuss how and why we started Razorcake and Gorsky Press.

Other People: Brad Listi interviewed me for his lovely and talented podcast, Other People.


Train Wreck Girl
Train Wreck Girl Reading: On July 28, 2008, I did a reading at A Capella Books in Atlanta.  An old friend of mine named Toby was there.  Every time I looked over at him, I noticed his head was at a weird angle and he was staring down at his lap.  It freaked me out a little. Turns out: he was surreptitiously recording the reading.  Now, you can watch, too.

Madhouse Fog Book Trailer

Madhouse Fog First Chapter
Some of the folks over at Razorcake filmed the readings at the book release for Madhouse Fog.  Here’s me reading an abridged version of the first chapter.  I cut out the funniest part of the first chapter when I do readings because I figure, if you want the good jokes, you have to buy the book.

Actually, I cut that part out of the first chapter because I’ve found that readings longer than twelve or thirteen minutes tend to be a drag.

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