How to Read to Your Children

A friend of mine from Florida, Replay Dave, had a daughter this summer.  She was born right around the time Madhouse Fog was released.  Obviously, she’s too old to really understand language or read herself.  Still, Replay reads to her every night.  He’s set up a bookshelf in her room.  He sits in the rocker next to her crib and reads her to sleep.

Recently, Replay sent a picture of that bookshelf and the books he’s been reading to her.  I think my favorite one is on the second shelf from the top, right in the middle.  It’s three books down from Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear and just to the left of Baby Animals.

That’s right.  Your eyes don’t deceive you.  Replay is reading my nightmares to his infant daughter.  I take no responsibility.


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