Calling All Venturans

EP_Foster_FlyerI’ll be performing a short reading with a few of my colleagues from Cal State Channel Islands this Saturday.  We’ll be at the E.P. Foster library in downtown Ventura.  The event starts at 5 PM.  We’ll all talk/read for about 12 minutes.  This will leave plenty of time afterward to buy me a beer at one of the downtown pubs, if you should so desire.

It’ll be a fun night.  I work with some talented people.  I’ve seen Bob and Mary  read.  They’re both very engaging.  I haven’t seen Sofia read, but she’s a hell of a writer and a very dynamic person, so I imagine her performance will be a blast.  I’ve never seen myself read, except on video, which I’m told isn’t as exciting as the live performance.  Plus, all I can think when I watch videos of myself is, how did I suddenly get so old and gray?  I never look like that when there’s not a mirror around.

Anyway, I promise a good time, and I hope you can come out.

The event is free.  You don’t really have to buy me a beer afterward.

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