Metaphysical Ukuleles in the World

Here’s a roundup of some stuff that’s been written about my new book. The first is a playlist I put together for the book for Largehearted Boy. I matched a song with each of the stories in The Metaphysical Ukulele, and I wrote a little about the book, the authors I focused on, and the songs themselves. It’s a badass playlist, if I say so myself:

Book Notes – Sean Carswell “The Metaphysical Ukulele”


The second is an essay that Tobias Carroll wrote about the legacy of Beat writers. The essay is interesting in itself. He concludes it with a couple of paragraphs about my Jack Kerouac story and The Metaphysical Ukulele. It’s worth a read.

The Beats, Revisited: The Shifting Legacy of a Literary Generation

And then there are reviews in the trades. These all came out a while ago. I’ve just been slow posting them. If you’re curious about what critics have to say about the collection, click the links.

Publisher’s Weekly
Library Journal
Kirkus Reviews
Vol. 1 Brooklyn

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