The Madhouse Fog Experiment

Almost every event is more fun if you go to it.  I know that sounds obvious.  Still, sometimes the night of the event rolls around and we’re feeling lazy or cheap or broke or tired or whatever, so we watch the game on TV or we listen to the record instead of going to see the band play.  So, if you’re feeling lazy or tired and still want to see me put on a reading, here’s the video of me reading the first chapter of Madhouse Fog at Skylight Books.

Being cheap or broke is no excuse.  You can see me perform live–for free–tomorrow night.  I’ll be doing a fun event at Pop Hop in Eagle Rock (5002 York Blvd., Los Angeles, CA) with The Drunken Master 2, Kiyoshi Nakazawa.  It’ll be a lot more fun than sitting at home and watching shit on YouTube.  Click on the poster for details.

Pop Hop Flyer

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