You Will Know My Wrath by Its Sweet Goatee

You spend a couple years of your life trying to start a punk rock magazine.  You live in poverty so pure that you start looking up the definition of the word “abject.”  You do your grocery shopping at the 99-cent store.  You wonder if you can splurge that week on the baked beans or if you have to stick with Top Ramen because it’s cheaper.

The magazine finally catches on.  It becomes one of the two biggest punk rock rags in the nation.  Years pass.  You have a new book coming out.  The very magazine you co-founded posts an announcement about your book release.  Some snot-nosed punk writes about it and does nothing but make fun of you.  What do you do?

You state your response publicly.

Like this: Matt Hart, you have become my nemesis.  Make sure you see me coming before I see you.


Actually, I thought Matt’s piece on the Razorcake web site was pretty cool.  You can click that link above or the flyer to read it.  It also serves as yet one more reminder of my book release at Skylight this Friday.

Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

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